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Name: Cleobelle
Status: Adopted!
Species: Dog
Breed: American Hairless Terrier / Xoloitzcuintle/Mexican Hairless / Mixed
Color: pink
Pattern: Spots
Sex: Female (spayed)
Current Size: 32 Pounds
General Potential Size: Medium
Current Age: 1 Year 2 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: Yes
Microchipped: Yes

We are no longer accepting applications for this special girl.  Please keep checking back to find your doggie match!  Meet one year old Cleobelle.  The truth is we have no idea what breeds make up this very unique dog because she was found as a stray.  What we do know is that in a group that speicalizes in rescueing different dogs Cleobelle stands out!  She is 32 pounds of very toned muscle.  She has a hair covered head and ears and a white mohawk down her back with an opposum-like tail at the other end.  She is covered in black spots and her skin glows pink and white.  She has very sensitie skin that reacts poorly to things like clothing or collars that rub on it.  Her intense eyes are hard to ignore.  If you want to have a dog that no one else in the neighborhood has, this could be your dog.  If you want hairless and your partner wants a "real dog" this might be your girl.  Even though she is mostly hairless we really don't know what she is a mix of.   Therefore we are not saying she is necessarily good for people with dog allergies.

She is not only different on the outside she was very different on the inside as well.  The vet that was spaying her was shocked to discover that Cleobelle was a hermaphrodite, having both male and female reproductive organs.  She now presents as a total female.

She is a great walker and being a young active dog will need an adopter that is willing to continue this.  She easily walks 3 miles a day but could certainly go even longer.  She does bark at people that we meet along the way and we are working on this using treats.  She also uses her voice when playing.  She loves a car ride and spends the time calmly looking at the scenery.

She gets along with my 7 pack that includes male and female, young and old, big and small.  She is best buddies with my pitbull mix girl that is similar in age but outweighs her by 20 pounds.  They play chase and have mouth-teeth batlles and play tug of war.  I also walk them together.  She would love a same sized or bigger active dog in her forever home.

I do not currently have a cat so I "cat tested" her at a friend's house that does cat rescue and has several cats at all times.  The cats did not react strongly one way or the other to her.  She initially ignored them while investigating but then barked at them but was not agressive.  I believe with a dog-sauve cat she would soon settle down and become friends.  Again I don't have a cat to confirm this.

I am blessed with 5 grandsons ages 1-13 years old that were all here overnight with their 2 sets of parents for the holiday.  This girl was a socail butterfly!  After barking at the "strangers" coming into her home she quickly decided that they were friends not foe.  She would run from person to person jumping into their laps or rubbing up against them for attention.  She was intrigued by the little kids and was just overall a joy to have in the house.  Each person that came in was quicly armed with a treat so that's all it took to win her over.  She is very food motivated!  She does love my husband as much as myself and pesters him for frequent lap time that includes back scratches.  With me she will fall asleep in my lap as we watch reality TV together. 

On recent trips to the dog park she has been great with other dogs and is taking treats from strangers.  When we went to Pet Smart she walked around the place like she owned it and did not make a peep at the people she did not know.  Progress!  I believe because of  her intelligence and food motivation she is a good candidate for any doggie sport.

Potty training has been a bit of a challenge.  She drinks a lot and therefore pees a lot.  We have made great strides and by WE I mean she and I.  I litterally set my phone to remind me to taike her out because she rarely sleeps during the day and is constantly on the go.  I go with her armed with yet another treat.  She quickly goes and looks to me for a resounding "YES" and a goodie reward.  We do have a doggie door that she will occationally use to go out and is starting to ask to go out.  She will always use it to come back in.  I go out with her every single time but even so there are still occational accidents.  This routine will need to be continued.  Because she is young and bigger and smart I anticapate continued strides toward being clean in the house.  Again this will be something that the adopter will have to commit to.  She will potty on lead though we have a fenced in yard that she does enjoy.  She had a urine test and a full blood panel done on her to rule out any physical problems.  The vet said she is very healthy and it is probably just behavorial.   Remember she was found as a stray so who knows what all is in her background.  She is fine in her crate and cutely will go there if I am working in the kitchen and at night will actually put herself to bed early and sleep all the night long with no accidents. 

The other hurtle we have had to continue to work on is she is bitey when you try to do anything around her neck.  She does not draw blood but it is more nippy to let you know she does not want you to be putting anything on her.  I can now easily get her leash on and off.  She will come with 2 coats that velco at the neck and waist only but are not easy to get on her and if left on her the velcro rubs her skin raw.  She is pretty hardy thankfully and walks for the most part sans clothing.  She is fine at all other times with petting and rubbing her neck and head.  She actually enjoys it.

I have gone into a lot of detail becasue I want to make sure that anyone that applies to adopt her understands that they should have some dog experience to continue to help her towards being the best that she can be.  We absolutely adore and love her and will be looking for the very best fit.  If you have any questions please contact her foster mom at margaretwilliamsharvey@gmail.com or apply now at www.baldisbeautifuldogrescue.org .  I believe her ideal home will be one without fulltime young children and where she will not spend long hours alone.  She is being lovingly fostered in Northumberland, PA  17857.  It will be in her best interest to have a prospective adopter meet her at our home where she can take time to meet and greet her hopeful new parents in a familiar environment and the adopter hopefuls can see exactly who she is.  It is a joy fostering her and watching her bloom!


Other Pictures of Cleobelle (click to see larger version):

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