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Rainbow Bridge
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March 18,2020

From her Mom: My beautiful Trixie crossed the Bridge.. My heart is broken. I will never be the same. She was my sweet little gem & she loved only me.


February 4, 2020

From her Mom: Tuesday was a very difficult and sad day for me. As you all know, Tippie was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer at the beginning of August. She was expected to live a few weeks or maybe a few months based on the fast growth of the large tumors that were discovered. She made it to 6 months and a couple of days from that initial diagnosis and most of her days were quite good. She went to the Cape and enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both holidays that include some of her favorite things - seeing lots of people and eating "forbidden" foods. She continued her cookie barking at Keiko & Annabelle. Protecting her cookies from them, whether they were interested in her cookies or not. She enjoyed basking in front of the fireplace or sitting near me. She still was sniffing, walking & even loping in the yard on her stronger days. Her appetite was sometimes sporadic, so I spoiled her with anything that tempted her. This past week was roasted turkey breast, scallops, disgusting canned cat food, food she swiped from Keiko & Annabelle, and blueberry & strawberry yogurt (some of her favorite yogurts). She was her sweet, gentle doggie self until the end.

Bertha (f. Loretta)

January 28, 2020

From her Mom: For the first time since I can remember we woke up this morning without a dog. Not one. No breakfasts. No potties. No snuggles. Just a deafening silence. A full water bowl. Covers and dog beds everywhere. All the signs of a dog. But no dog. Bertha slipped away last night. Not so unexpectedly. But no one is ever ready to say goodbye. I regret that she reserved so much of herself just for us. She had disdain for most everyone. She liked to keep her circle small to just a circle of three. Not many people got to see that she was silly and playful. She mostly barked at everyone who entered our home. And most of all you didn’t get to experience the sweetest and most loving dog we’ve ever had. How lucky we were to be so loved by her. It was an honor to be in Bertha’s trusted circle. An absolute honor to have held her. I have known love because I had this dog.


January 2020

Rosie was one of the NC17 group that came into our rescue back in 2013. We're sad to share that she passed away suddenly last week, after six wonderful years with her parents, Chip and Margie. Rosie had an adventurous life, traveling and camping, and being a wonderful foster sister to many dogs that passed through her home. She will be missed.


December 22, 2019

From his Mom Tracy: I just said goodbye to my best friend. My wingman of mayhem, my little buddy, my love. Mr. Truman you were my best friend and I hope I did right by you. Thank you for everything you’ve given me. We will meet again. Remember me.

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