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Rainbow Bridge
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October 2021

Cinnamon (Previously Cinni)
August 18th 2021
It was with a heavy heart we said goodbye to our little 11 year old Chinese Crested/Poodle mix, Cinnamom yesterday. She was adopted from BisB in October 2017 at the age of 7 and was our squeaky toy destroyer of all time. She bravely lived with and fought an aplastic anemia for the last year and a half. From all the meds, in particular the heavy doses of prednisone, needed to fight the anemia, she developed eye infections and eventually total blindness. In the end, her little body just gave out. Rest in peace, little sweetheart. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

August 2021

Sofie (previously Vangie)
A dog comes into our lives to teach us LOVE… She was a Texas grimes rescue, so at least her last couple years were fantastic compared to the majority of her life living in filth.Her family was looking for the perfect female hairless forever and they had finally found Sofie. She was their perfect little queen… they really wish they didn’t need to say goodbye so soon. The family is going to miss hearing your little paw prints around the house. They loved you so much!! xoxo

Our hearts are broken…Poppy was a sanctuary foster from BisB and for the past 5 years, we have been blessed with being his foster family. Poppy had all sorts of ailments but his CHF was the one that caused him the most problems but he was such a little fighter and never let his CHF hold him back. Poppy was the sweetest and most loving pup to his foster dad and me but dang he struck fear in the other dogs. None of his foster siblings would dare mess with Poppy’s treats or his dinner. They definitely respected his personal space. He was bossy and demanding with us but when I’d pick him up and he would lean into me for snuggles - all would be ok. He was so damn cute…and he knew it! But last night was too much for Poppy, his little body was tired and he was done fighting…we had to say our goodbyes. He passed away in my arms. The loss of Poppy (aka Popolicious, the Popster, has left a big hole in our family and in our hearts. We love you always little man - until we meet again.

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