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Rainbow Bridge
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September 20, 2018

Kira-Boo Adopted January 20, 1012 / Crossed the Rainbow Bridge September 20, 2018

Kira took full advantage of her furever home after her adoption and lived her life, every day of it, to the fullest. We learned early on, she was a little pirate, who could and would get into anything kind of bag, purse, and briefcase, whatever she could get into to find her treasures. We were amazed at what we would find in her bed.

Kira loved to be out for deck time with her mom and dad, going in the pool to go swimming and of course, getting a little beach ball was the goal so she could destroy it. As soon as it was caught, she was out of the pool and beach ball was at her mercy. We could never imagine from day to day, what antics Kira would surprise us.

She was just a fun, loving, sweet little lady. There isn’t a day that goes by, that we think of some silly thing she did and it still makes us smile, but shed a couple tears, knowing we’ll never see what she’s up to again!!! Even though she’s no longer by our sides, her paw prints are forever engraved on our hearts.

Kramer & Gilligan

September 22, 2020

From their Mom Tina.... "Understandably, some of you who didn’t know the situation are asking how both of my boys could pass on the same day. Kramer was almost 15. He was diagnosed with heart disease and lymphoma about a year ago. He was such an amazing dog that he was still getting around and enjoying life, even thru the hard days. But the bad days were outnumbering the good, and I sensed he was getting tired. Gilligan was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Sept 11. He had one treatment but the cancer was too aggressive, and painful, and I had to keep him sedated for comfort. Tuesday, Sept 22, they both woke up with no appetite, feeling more lethargic and seemed so incredibly sad. Kramer and I were deeply bonded that I knew he was ready to go. I had already accepted that I didn’t want Gilligan to suffer anymore; I consulted with their vet and made the excruciating decision to put them down together. Deep down, I think this happened so Kramer could hold Gilligan’s little paw across that bridge. That was his nature. So now, they’re healthy and happy in heaven catching up with all their friends. The love and compassion I’m reading in all the comments and messages warms my hurting heart. Nathan and Demi are fine. They’re giving and getting lots of hugs. We love our friends and fans.


February 20, 2019

From his mom Anita: Our sweet Krissy left us today to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. She wasn’t with us nearly as long as we would’ve liked, but in that short time she gave and received as much love as in a lifetime. Thank you BisB for rescuing her for us to love. She will be missed.

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