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Rainbow Bridge
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May, 2020
In memory of Faith: A spunky little girl who brightened my life and made me laugh every day! She required me to learn to knit, crochet and sew tiny sweaters and shirts❤️ She was precious and very loved. Faith lived like a queen and she enjoyed sleeping and eating like royalty! I miss her endearing presence and I’m thankful to have had time with her!

Fanny (Diana)
It is with a heavy heart that I write this update. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to be sending this news for a while but Fanny (Diana) has passed away. Monday evening she had an awful seizure that she never recovered from. Tuesday morning she peacefully passed away surrounded by family. She is missed by everyone, especially by me. She was one amazing dog. We had a wonderful time together.

In the past twelve months were truly memorable. Fanny bonded with my (new) husband over football games. They loved their lazy Sundays together. She also helped to "hatch" our son. She spent hours nested atop the belly. The picture attached of Fanny on the belly was taken a day before my water broke. We joked that we wanted her as my dula for delivery.

Since the birth of our son, Fanny was a total sweetheart. I was worried she would be jealous but she wasn’t. She was so nurturing and sweet. She would cuddle next to Simon and gently lick him. Just a month ago we bought a house after moving around for a little bit. Fanny was the queen of the house. She had a big yard where she enjoyed summer days. She was so happy at the new house.

She had been so happy and it hard to think she is gone. I just want to thank you all for what you do for these dogs. She was the best dog I have ever had. I am so sad that this had to be my update.

Rest in peace, 9 9 13

July 5th, 2021
Finn was adopted in December of 2016 went over the Rainbow Bridge on July 5,2021 after a battle with stomach cancer.His family was home all day everyday to love and spoil him until the end. He was hands down the sweetest dog his family ever had in their family and not a day will go by that they do not miss him. Love and blessings.

May 26, 2013 to October 5, 2018

Finnegan crossed the Bridge this morning. We are truly heartbroken to lose one of our precious puppies at such a young age. We thank his mom, Fran, for giving him such a wonderful five years, and we send our love. Special hugs to Finn's brother, Hayden, who will know will miss him very much.

Foxie (Bonnie La Fox)
Foxie's family shared that she crossed the bridge with her family kissing and stroking her. after suffering a significant stroke. Our hearts go out to her wonderful family

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