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Rainbow Bridge
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July 2018

Sammy was originally found by a good Samaritan, as a matted, scared stray loitering around a construction site. He came so far after being rescued! His family shared, "We wanted you guys to know that Sammy crossed the Rainbow Bridge early this morning after battling heart disease for the past few years. He was truly loved beyond measure with every fiber of our beings & spoiled to the moon & back while we walked this journey with him these last 5 years. He was truly a sweet boy & will be dearly missed by his moms, his family & his pack."

April 19, 2016

Saul was a very special old man who had lived many adventures in his 14 years. It was our honor to care for him at the end of his life. He was in a loving home with wonderful foster parents who were with him when he crossed over the Bridge.

June 3, 2014:

We are sad to share that Schwinn has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Schwinn came to us in rough shape. He responded beautifully to life in his foster homes & was such a joy to everyone who met him. Schwinn was diagnosed with cancer that progressed very quickly. He spent his last days with his loving foster family being pampered and loved.

Shaye (f. Rona)
(April 5, 2018)

We are sad to share that Rona passed away this Spring. She was part of our first "big" group of dogs, the Arkansas 7. She was adopted in 2011 and lived in Maryland.

Mom shared, "It's with a very heavy heart that I write you today. We lost our beautiful Shaye. She stopped eating one day, very unusual for our good little eater; the vet discovered a large tumor on her spleen. Inoperable due to her heart condition. She was never in any pain, but weakened really quickly and passed quietly on April 5th. Our hearts, as I'm sure you can imagine, are broken. She was truly our delight & we miss her so much."

8/8/13 Please send out your warm thoughts to the family of Skeeter, a BisB dog that passed away last week from congestive heart failure. His family shared these words, "Skeeter warmed my family's heart as he did to everyone he touched. This little old man had a wonderful life thanks to Bald is Beautiful and as his foster family, we thank you for that."

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