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(May, 2017)

Today, we share the sad news that one of our special rescue dogs, Jagger, passed away this week. This tiny little Pom had a rough life, but did so well in foster care, and found a loving forever home where he was adored and received the best of care.

His mom, Lynn, shared, "He has given us almost three years of joy, and to this day I can't believe how lucky I was to have found him. This is my favorite picture of him."

Jasper (f. Doc)
September 23, 2017

Sweet Jasper was adopted in July of 2014, and lived in Greenwood, South Carolina. He had a stay-at-home mom (and grandmom) and the happiest little life with his BFF, the cat. We know he is missed.


July 3, 2020

It breaks my heart to share that today we had to say goodbye to Jersey. Jersey came to live with us from his BisB foster mom Margie Rosan in November of 2012. He was my first rescue. Little did I know that Jersey would one day rescue me right back. There was no doubt that I was Jerseys person right from the start. He was hands down the sweetest, most gentle and loving little soul it’s ever been my pleasure to know. I felt honored to be his person. When I say he rescued me, I mean that in 2017 I lost my son and that was about as devastating a blow as anyone can receive. Jersey knew something was wrong with me and just stuck to me like glue giving me all his unconditional love and affection, and it was instrumental in keeping me sane. I mean this. Well, according to his estimated age when he came to live with me, he would have been 15 years old next month. I only had him for the last 8 of them. I wish I’d known him as a little puppy boy. He took his last breaths laying on my chest with his head cradled in my hand while I told him exactly how much he meant to me. His mommy Juanita M Leahy was right by his side too, talking to him with me. To say that he was a good boy doesn’t even come close. I will miss him more than words can say.

June 18, 2018

Jet was a very sweet little senior about 10 years old. He was quiet, loving and content to snuggle with his foster dad. Jet (or Jet Pack) was a feisty boy who loved attention and loved to lie around in the sun. He is a puppy of leisure. We are so happy he made it to Bald is Beautiful and knew the love of his foster dad before he passed away suddenly in his sleep.


August 23, 2019

Judah is one of those dogs that came into his Dad's life at just the right time, and has been such a wonderful companion over the past few years. Kyle shared this news on Friday. "My sweet old man Judah passed away this morning in my arms, I haven’t taken a step without him beside me for 5 years. Judah will always be my understanding of all things good and warm. I can’t imagine this house without his kisses, his love, his energy, his smile and wagging tail. I love you Judah and miss you so much." Our hearts go out to Kyle and a special thanks to him, and all our adopters, who open their hearts and homes to senior dogs. They provide these dogs with a second chance at an amazing life.

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