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Rainbow Bridge
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December 13, 2020

We're sad to share that one of our sanctuary dogs, Rockwell, passed away this morning. He had been in his foster home for 2-and-a-half years, getting all the loving care a dog deserves in his advanced years. He enjoyed sleeping, napping, cuddling, and sunning himself. Special condolences to his foster parents, Pam and Jon, who loved him like their own. Pam shared, "Rocky crossed the rainbow bridge this morning, cradled in my arms. He was 18 years old. Rocky was that special old man who was friends with everyone. Thank you Bald is Beautiful for letting me foster him. We miss his kindness and grateful energy!"


November 30, 2020

Please send some special thoughts towards Chopski and his foster parents, Tammy Lynn and Bruce. He has been with them in sanctuary care since 2019, and today, after a recent decline in heart health, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Poor Chopski had a very rough start in life and was abandoned when he started getting old and sick. We think he was at least 15 years old, and despite his age, and was a tough little firecracker. He loved his foster parents, snuggling, and yummy treats. He will be missed.

Princess Fiona
November 3, 2020

Fiona came to rescue when her owner passed away. She was already a "hot mess" when we took her to the vet in the first days with us, she had a high grade heart murmur, missing an eye, a large scar on her remaining eye, could barely hear and had a very enlarged heart, mammary tumors and rotten teeth. We spent most of the next 6 weeks back and forth to the vet hoping to get her healthy enough for surgery. It turned out that she had also never been spayed and developed pyometra, a very serious infection in her uterus. She had a fighting spirit and a will to live but her body was broken and tired. Fiona lost her fight. She made an impression on everyone that met her in her foster home because despite all her disabilities she had the most loving disposition. Though she was not able to be adopted - her foster mom considers her one of her own and misses her greatly. Fly free my little princess.

October 27, 2020

Only a few days in rescue before she passed away, Frickles was very sick and in kidney failure when she arrived. She was very sweet and did so well with her foster dogs and cats siblings. She was gentle, quiet and liked to be held and petted. She went along with everything even as ill as she was. She was a wonderful girl. She will always be remembered by her foster mom even though her stay was short.


October 16, 2020

We send our love out to Sandra, who lost her precious boy Dinky yesterday. He was tiny but mighty, and will be missed every single day. Although her heart aches right now, we hope Sandra will find comfort in the support of those who understand her loss, and share their condolences at this difficult time. Sandra shares, Dinky "had a collapsed trachea, and lower airway disease, he fought hard but just couldn't overcome it... he was too critical for surgery and couldn't survive without oxygen... My little boy was the happy-go-lucky little toy thief that brightened my life and gave me love for a short 5 years... I was so blessed to have had him... He was such a bright light, and now that light has dimmed and I can't imagine life without him in it... He left me way too soon, and my heart is empty and broken... He died in my arms at 4:20pm yesterday (Oct 16, 2020)... my life will never be the same. Thank all of you friends for the prayers, phone calls and messages... I appreciate them..and needed them ... "

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